Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saving $70.75 by Changing Your Own MacBook Pro Battery

Apple charges $129 for a MacBook Pro battery. That price includes the cost of having a technician (sorry, Genius) replace the battery which is fine if you are fortunate enough to live close to an Apple Store. I live 2 hours away from the closest Apple Store and didn't fancy the 4 hour round-trip so started looking for alternatives.

iFixit has all of the instructions describing how to change the battery on-line. The task looked easy enough with the only tricky part being with some of the less-than-common screw heads that Apple uses. You can buy the screw drivers required for the task from the iFixit site but Meritline has a cheaper alternative. Their 30-in-1 Screw Driver Kit has everything you need for the job. Regularly priced at $5.99, you can frequently find it for $2.49.

So now all I need is a battery. The Apple battery is $129 whether you install it or they do. That strikes me as somewhat expensive so I look for an alternative source. E-bay has them from $48 up. I don't like waiting to be sniped at the end of an auction so I went with the buy-it-now option from a seller with good feedback. My cost delivered was $55.76. The wait for delivery was 9 days so not too bad.

Installation was a breeze. The instructions left nothing out. It took me less than 5 minute to complete the task. I can't see a place where this could go wrong for anyone that can unscrew and then re-screw a series of screws. There is evidently a two-year warranty on the battery. I'll post if I ever have to ask them to stand by that warranty.

I'm happy I went this route rather than essentially paying someone $75 for 5 minutes of work.

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